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Vermont is known for its mountains and foliage and all around beauty. One of the lovely sites the state has to offer are our iconic covered bridges. They've survived floods, snowstorms, hurricanes and various other weather related phenomenon as well as large trucks trying to go through them.

There are several websites that have information on our beautiful bridges but they either lack a photo or information. I have taken all of the official bridges' photos and gathered the information to be in one place.

Enjoy Vermont's iconic covered bridges from different views while learning a bit more about them. Feel free to ask any questions related to these lovely structures.

Covered Bridges Background: While covered bridges are associated with the landscapes of New England, the first covered bridge was built in Philadelphia in 1804 (approved by the Town Board) to span across the Schuylkill River. The bridge was only covered to protect it from extreme weather. The addition of the roof made the covered bridge more stable. Another added benefit offered protection for crossing farm animals from views of the rivers or streams below as they crossed. Artist and inventor Charles Willson Pealet received the first patent for a covered bridge in 1797 but his project never came to fruition.

In 1804, Theodore Burr, an inventor from Connecticut, engineered his design for an arch truss bridge, also called a kingpost arch design, and patented it in 1817. Shelburne Museum’s Covered Bridge is an example of his engineering. Inventors received from bridge patents based on a bridge’s length so there was an incentive to find ways of increasing a bridge’s possible span. The kingpost design could only extend so far. Burr’s design, which bolted a single arched timber to the king-post braces, added such stability that not only did the kingpost trusses become secondary supports but also the bridge’s possible reach greatly increased.

Note: Most of the descriptions of the bridges comes from Wikipedia.
A.M. Foster Bridge, CabotA.M. Foster Bridge, CabotArlington Green Bridge, West ArlingtonArlington Green Bridge, West ArlingtonArlington Green Bridge, West ArlingtonBaltimore Covered Bridge, SpringfieldBaltimore Covered Bridge, SpringfieldBartonsville Bridge, RockinghamBartonsville Bridge, RockinghamBennington Museum, BenningtonBest's Bridge, West WIndsorBowers Bridge, West WindsorBowers Bridge, West WindsorBraley Bridge, RandolphBrown Bridge, ShrewsburyBrown Bridge, ShrewsburyBrown Bridge, ShrewsburyBrown Bridge, ShrewsburyCambridge Junction Bridge, CambridgeCambridge Junction Bridge, Cambridge

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