Larry S.(non-registered)
Bev, my Yahoo email was vandalized when YAHOO site crashed. Getting new email at Comcast
net soon. Love you colorful light pics and your recent intense covered bridge venture is awesome. Thanks! your friend, Larry
Suzan WE(non-registered)
I notized... you load up new pics.... I love the way you play with the light. Thank you :)
Betty Blanchard(non-registered)
I have always admired your creative nature. It is so very awesome to see you at your best again! Keep on creating my dear friend! Marked a bunch of favorites to come back for later. Best of luck sweetie!
Donna Stevens(non-registered)
You have some amazing shots, girl. You should sell them as post cards. Ask the city about it. I think my favorite is the boats on the water.
I love your pictures! Your framing is right on. Thank you for letting us enjoy your pictures. I will visit again
Brunhilde Gehrmann(non-registered)
Bev, your web site is beautiful and your pictures are fantastic. Love the light series in particular and your bird pictures are also amazing. Wish you great success!
Ellie Anderson(non-registered)
These are so inspiring, such eye candy! What a discovery you have found in the medium of light and symmetry, in your kaleidoscopic designs and those in nature; the moon, the center of flowers, the blue eyes.... and the dance of chaos in some of your pieces mirror the natural world, like breaking waves, flames, elements seeking balance. I love what you do with shadow!

Your nature shots are some of the best I have seen. You definitely have an in with birds. All of your work is that of a true artist, which to me means you have no choice but to create! LOVELY! My father is a true birder and his birthday is coming up! I look forward to browsing your wonderful website.
Horse with a pointy bit sticking out of its forehead(non-registered)
looking good I hope you do really well :)
Bev, these are amazing!!
Henri Russell(non-registered)
I just received the note cards I ordered from you. They are really, really great quality. I was truly impressed. Most note cards are not of this quality. I ordered the linen finish and they are wonderful.
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