Welcome to my website! I have always loved the art of photography. It's a very enlightening medium. When I first started taking photos many years ago, I realized that there is beauty in everything. I have a wide range of photography subjects, including my specialty - light photos.

Please take the time to browse through each of my galleries.  I have set up the drop down menu to easily find the gallery of your choice. Each gallery contains its own set of photos, so be sure to use the drop down menu to go to the list of galleries.  Remember, all the photographs here are for sale.  To view the price lists, simply click on the smaller image of a photograph you are interested in and the price list is to the right.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you have the time, I'd love it if you would sign my guestbook!  Be sure to share my website with family and friends!

Thank you for taking the time to visit BendingLightByBeverly!  Come back soon!

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Guestbook for Bending Light by Beverly™
Larry S.(non-registered)
Bev, my Yahoo email was vandalized when YAHOO site crashed. Getting new email at Comcast
net soon. Love you colorful light pics and your recent intense covered bridge venture is awesome. Thanks! your friend, Larry
Suzan WE(non-registered)
I notized... you load up new pics.... I love the way you play with the light. Thank you :)
Betty Blanchard(non-registered)
I have always admired your creative nature. It is so very awesome to see you at your best again! Keep on creating my dear friend! Marked a bunch of favorites to come back for later. Best of luck sweetie!
Donna Stevens(non-registered)
You have some amazing shots, girl. You should sell them as post cards. Ask the city about it. I think my favorite is the boats on the water.
I love your pictures! Your framing is right on. Thank you for letting us enjoy your pictures. I will visit again
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